Know us

Daniel Zieliński
CEO and founder

People-oriented leader with a focus on team development. Defining business requirements and building self-organizing teams that deliver the highest quality solutions for enterprises and software houses. Over the past 15 years, has supported enterprises and technology companies with his data-driven approach. Excellent project management skills validated by the success of one of the largest acquisitions in the FMCG industry. Passionate road cyclist and acrylic painter.

Strong belief in transparency and quality in all aspects of work. We work together and we win together!

João Delicado
Creative Director

Human First, Creative Director second.
Passion, Kindness, Empathy and Transparency were always keys to drive my life and to truly understanding others – their needs, uncertainties, and above all, their aspirations.
It has been a long and grateful journey so far, that has seen me invited to collaborate with some of the world’s leading companies, spanning diverse industries through the gate of creativity, communication and advertising.

Loving everything I do, from animation to graphic design, UI/UX to sound design, brand creation to film & TV campaigns, from technology to communication and creative consulting, the sky is indeed limitless.

Elżbieta Doniek

Lead Data Engineer

I have been working with Power BI since 2019. Afterwards I got highly interested in backend Azure resources.
Therefore in 2022 I decided to boost my track record and started working as Data Engineer for one of the biggest and fastest growing multi-brand restaurant operator in Europe.
My current career goal is to gain considerable experience in data engineering.

I make my mark by being highly collaborative person with a proactive approach.

Dawid Brońka
Data Engineer

My journey in data started with VBA automation. Currently, I have strong skills as a Databricks developer and focus on designing and implementing efficient data pipelines. Keen on improving data processing time and data accuracy. I also have experience implementing advanced data quality and governance processes to ensure compliance with industry regulations and minimize data errors.

As a self-motivated data engineer, I bring relevant technology experience and knowledge of data processing. Throughout my career, I have successfully collaborated with stakeholders, web developers and database architects, making me a productive and intuitive collaborator.

Beata Kiełbasa
VBA Expert

My professional passion is analysing business requirements and improving already established processes. Thanks to my advanced knowledge of VBA and Power Query, I help users save many valuable hours of manual work so they can focus on other, less repetitive tasks and problems. I transform daily routines into automated processes, focusing on details and simple logic.

I love working in a family atmosphere. I value partnership and a good team.

Bartłomiej Majewski
QA Tester | WordPress Developer

My deep-rooted connection between music and technology has been a revelation. As a devoted violinist, I cultivated an artistic sense and attention to detail. However, my intrigue shifted to web development, particularly WordPress, where I’ve spent over three years crafting sites. Coding and violin share traits like precision and amalgamating components harmoniously. This musical background infuses my web approach with meticulous care.

My journey with WordPress is a constant evolution. Staying updated with trends, I employ innovative solutions. I create websites that not only meet clients’ needs but also captivate through aesthetics and functionality. Beyond coding, I’m a fervent sports fan, often immersed in football and basketball. This passion taught me teamwork, perseverance, and competition – influencing my design and problem-solving.

Cezary Niezgoda
QA Engineer

I am a software tester with extensive manual testing experience. My journey as a tester began when I channeled my passion for games into a position in Video Games Quality Assurance. The ability to see how the results of my work can impact the quality of people’s lives inspired me to follow this path. I’ve gained valuable experience in both the Customer Communication Management and Retail industries. I am currently focused on learning how to provide more efficient and higher-quality testing by incorporating automation into the process.

In addition to developing my technical skills, I’m also dedicated to improving communication, fostering transparency, building strong teams, and nurturing empathy. I believe these qualities have a significant influence on both my professional and personal life.

Patryk Samborski
VBA Expert

I spent 1/3 of my life pursuing my career in Excel. I saved +15,000 hours of manual work so far. In 2018 I passed Microsoft Excel Expert exam and that’s what my 1st LinkedIn post was about. Since then, my posts were viewed +500,000 times.

My Excel passion goes far beyond.. office. I wrapped up SwitchBot smart-home products into Excel add-in so I control my home with VBA. What’s more, I take part in Excel as esport tournament.

Paweł Wojciechowski
QA Tester

My greatest passion is motorsports, where I used to work. Since 2021, my life-changing decision has been to become a software tester. Every day I tell myself this is the “Carrera” path for me. I focus on self-development every day and learn new skills and explore the secrets of software testing with the latest technologies and methods. Daniel hired me in February 2023. My current projects are in the field of medicine and oil industry, including pro bono initiatives. My main areas of focus are: Web and Mobile testing. I love watching apps evolve over time.

I believe in team building through friendship and transparency.