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I. General information

  1. This Policy has been issued by the Personal Data Administrator QA Bird sp. z o. o. with its registered office in Warsaw, 00-695 Warsaw, ul. Nowogrodzka 56A, NIP: 1231514308, REGON: 522287428, KRS: 0000973708.(hereinafter: ” Administrator “) and is addressed to all users (hereinafter: ” Users “) of our Website.  
  2. This Policy may be changed and updated to take into account changes in practices related to the Processing of Personal Data by the Administrator or changes in generally applicable law. We encourage you to read this Policy carefully and check this page regularly to verify the changes that the Administrator may make in accordance with the provisions of this Policy.
  3. Using the Website and Electronic Services requires the User to read the Privacy Policy and accept it. Otherwise, the use of the Website and Electronic Services is prohibited.
  4. Providing us with your personal data is voluntary, but it is a prerequisite for using the Website and Electronic Services.
  5. The Website and Electronic Services are not intended for persons under the age of 18, therefore we ask that such persons do not use the Website and do not provide their personal data via the Website.

II. Definitions

  1. Administrator means the entity that decides how and for what purposes Personal Data is Processed. The administrator is responsible for the compliance of the processing with the applicable data protection law.
  2. Personal Data means any information about any identified or identifiable natural person. Examples of Personal Data that the Administrator may process are listed in point III below.
  3. Process, Processing or Processed means any activity related to Personal Data, whether or not by automated means, such as: obtaining, recording, organizing, structuring, storing, adapting or altering, retrieving, consulting, using, making available by transmission, disseminating or making available in any other way, structuring or combining, limiting, erasing or destroying.
  4. Processor means any person or entity that Processes Personal Data on behalf of the Administrator (other than an employee of the Administrator).
  5. Website –
  6. Electronic Services – services provided via the Website.

III. Processing Users’ Personal Data

  1. The Administrator may obtain Users’ Personal Data, such as: name, surname and contact details, including e-mail address. The Administrator may obtain Users’ Personal Data, in particular, in the following cases:
    • providing Personal Data by Users (e.g. contact by e-mail, telephone, via the contact form or in any other way),
    • obtaining Users’ Personal Data as a result of registration for selected Administrator’s courses,
    • obtaining Users’ Personal Data published in social media (e.g. obtaining information from the Users’ profile in social media, to the extent that this information is visible as public),
    • obtaining or asking Users to provide Users’ Personal Data, during Users’ visits to the Administrator’s websites or using any functions or resources available on or through the Website (cookies). When Users visit the Site, Users’ devices and browsers may automatically provide certain information (such as device type, operating system, browser type, browser settings, IP address, language settings, dates and times of connecting to the Site and other technical communication information), some of them may constitute Personal Data. During the visit to the Website, no Users’ Personal Data will be stored by the Administrator, without the prior express consent of the Users. However, the temporary storage of log files and cookies facilitates the use of our Site. For this reason, Users are asked to consent to this on our Site. Granting the above-mentioned consent is optional and does not affect the possibility of using the Website. In some cases, your ability to use our Site may be limited to some extent without such consent.

2. Providing personal data is voluntary, it is not a statutory obligation. In certain cases, without providing personal data, it is not possible to use the Website or Electronic Services. Categories of Users’ Personal Data Processed by the Administrator may, in particular, include:

      • Personal data : first name(s), surname(s),
      • Contact details : company details, e-mail address, telephone number.
      • Content of communications : all communications (inquiries, statements, views and opinions) sent via the contact form or that have been published on the Internet.
      • IP number, cookies and information on how to use our Website and Electronic Services – when using the Website or Electronic Services.

3. The administrator uses fanpage profiles on social networks. Public data shared by Social Media Users may be used to:

      • responding to private messages that are sent to us,
      • conducting discussions as part of the comments under individual posts,
      • sharing our posts with people following our Fanpage,
      • marketing consisting in informing about our services and ourselves by means of posts that we place on our Fanpage, including sponsored posts that are displayed to a wider group of users,
      • statistical data consisting in presenting data on the viewability of our posts, their reach, number of interactions, demographic data of our followers; the data presented to us by the owners of social networking sites are statistical data, however, they are created on the basis of this company’s observation of your behavior on our Fanpage.
      • Currently, our websites use redirects to the following social networks: LinkedIn. Detailed information clauses regarding the processing of personal data on social networks can be found on the Administrator’s profile in the “Information” section.

4. When Processing Users’ Personal Data for the purposes indicated in this Policy, the Administrator may invoke one or more of the following legal grounds, depending on the circumstances:

    • enable the use of the Website, Electronic Services, in particular the operation, maintenance, improvement and sharing of all their functions, providing requested services and information, responding to complaints, comments and questions and providing support to Users – in accordance with the Regulations – legal basis: art.6 sec. 1 b) GDPR (“performance of the contract”),
    • performance of our legal obligations – legal basis: art. 6 sec. 1 c) GDPR (“legal obligation”),
    • in order to pursue claims, defend against claims – legal basis: art. 6 sec. 1 f) GDPR (“legitimate interest”),
    • preventing fraud when using the Website and Electronic Services – legal basis: art. 6 sec. 1 f) GDPR (“legitimate interest”),
    • direct marketing of own products and services – legal basis: art. 6 sec. 1 f) GDPR (“legitimate interest”),
    • proper customer service, including providing answers to the questions asked – legal basis: art. 6 sec. 1 f) GDPR (“legitimate interest”),
    • creating lists, analyzes and statistics for our internal needs, this includes in particular: reporting, marketing research, planning the development of the Website and Electronic Services, development work, opinion research, creating statistical models – legal basis: art. 6 sec. 1 f) GDPR (“legitimate interest”),

IV. Sharing Personal Data with third parties

  1. The Administrator may share Users’ Personal Data:
    • persons authorized by the Administrator to process data,
    • entities entrusted with data processing, e.g. technical service providers and entities providing consulting services,
    • other administrators, if it is required by law or in good faith that such action is necessary in order to comply with applicable law, in particular in response to a request from a court or state authorities.

2. If we engage a third party to Process Users’ Personal Data, in accordance with the entrustment agreement concluded with such an entity, the Processor will be obliged to:

    • Processing only the Personal Data indicated in the Administrator’s prior written instructions; and
    • apply all measures to protect the confidentiality and security of Personal Data and ensure compliance with all other requirements of generally applicable law.

V. Place of personal data storage

The place of storing personal data (email addresses, name) is: Hostinger International Ltd.

VI. Services provided electronically

    1. More information on the Electronic Services we provide can be found in the Regulations for electronically provided services, which can be found at ( ).

VII. Third Party Services

  1. The Website may contain features or links to sites and services provided by third parties that are not operated by us. The information you provide on these sites or services will be subject to their own privacy policies and data processing procedures.
  2. The Administrator is not responsible for the procedures related to the processing by independent Administrators of websites and service providers.
  3. We encourage you to read the privacy and security policies of third parties before providing them with information.

VIII. Data protection

  1. The Administrator informs that he has implemented appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect Personal Data, in particular including safeguards against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, change, unauthorized publication, unauthorized access and other unlawful and unauthorized forms of Processing, in accordance with applicable law.
  2. The Administrator is not responsible for the actions or omissions of Users. Users are responsible for ensuring that all Personal Data is sent to the Administrator in a secure manner.

IX. Data Accuracy

  1. The administrator takes all appropriate measures to ensure that:
    • Users’ Personal Data processed by the Administrator are accurate and, if necessary, updated;
    • All Users’ Personal Data processed by the Administrator and which are incorrect (taking into account the purpose for which they are Processed) will be deleted or corrected without undue delay.

2. The Administrator, at any time, may ask the Users about the accuracy of the Personal Data being Processed.

X. Minimizing the scope of Data

The Administrator takes all appropriate measures to ensure that the scope of Users’ Personal Data that it Processes is limited to the Personal Data adequately required for the purposes indicated in this Policy.

XI. Data storage

The criteria determining the duration of the period in which the Administrator stores Users’ Personal Data are as follows: The Administrator stores copies of Users’ Personal Data in a form that allows identification, only as long as it is necessary to achieve the goals indicated in this Policy, unless generally applicable law requires longer period of personal data storage. The Administrator may, in particular, store Users’ Personal Data for the entire period necessary to establish, exercise or defend claims.

XII. International Data Transfer

  1. Personal data may be shared and processed outside the European Economic Area (the European Economic Area is: the European Union and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, collectively “EEA”). If your personal data is transferred outside the EEA, the Service Provider requires appropriate safeguards. The administrator will fulfill his obligations under Chapter V of the GDPR.
  2. The administrator uses Google hosting services and the Google Analytics tool and other products provided by Google LLC, whose infrastructure is located in the USA.

XIII. User Rights

  1. In accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation, Users have the following rights in relation to Users’ Personal Data that are Processed by the Administrator:
    • the right to access personal data;
    • the right to rectify personal data;
    • the right to delete personal data;
    • the right to limit the processing of personal data;
    • the right to transfer personal data;
    • the right to object to the processing of personal data;
    • the right not to be subject to a decision involving automated processing.

2. If the Processing of Personal Data is based on the consent expressed by the Users, the Users have the right to withdraw the consent at any time without affecting the legality of the Processing, which was made on the basis of consent before its withdrawal.

3. In the event of incorrect Personal Data Processing, Users have the right to lodge a complaint with the state supervisory authority for data protection, i.e. the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.

4. The above does not affect the rights of Users resulting from laws or other provisions of generally applicable law.

XIV. Cookies (cookies)

  1. The administrator uses the following websites:

*and additional domains from which redirection to the above-mentioned website is set.

  1. When you use the Website, data about you is automatically collected. These data include:
    • IP address,
    • domain name,
    • browser type,
    • operating system type.

3. This data may be collected by:

    • cookies,
    • Google Analytics system,
    • and may be saved in server logs.

4. Cookies are small text information in the form of text files stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive or on your smartphone’s memory card. On subsequent visits to the website, the information stored in the cookie is sent back to the website. Thanks to this, the Website can recognize you and adapt the content to your needs. More information about cookies can be found e.g. here:

5. In order to improve our Website and Electronic Services, provide the most relevant content and analyze how Users use our Website, we may use technologies such as cookies. Please note that we will not be able to identify you from the information we collect using these technologies.

6. We may process the data contained in cookies for the following purposes:

    • personalizing the Website and Electronic Services: remembering information about the User so that the User does not have to re-enter this information on subsequent visits;
    • provide you with advertising, content and information tailored to you;
    • monitor aggregate site usage metrics, such as the total number of visitors and pages viewed.

7. We use files:

    • functional cookies that allow you to remember choices made by visitors to the Website, e.g. language selection, font size,
    • marketing cookies, in order to match the content and form of advertisements.

8. We use analytics and similar services that contain third party cookies. When using the Website, third party cookies may be used to enable you to use the Website’s functionalities integrated with these websites or to analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and collect anonymous information about the use of the Website for statistical purposes.

9. This Privacy Policy does not regulate the use of third party cookies. Each third party sets its own cookie policy in its privacy policy.

10. The website uses the Google Analytics tool. Remember that you can prevent the recording by Google of data collected by cookies regarding your use of the Website, as well as the processing of this data by Google, by installing the browser plug-in available at the following address:

If you are interested in details related to data processing within Google Analytics, please refer to the explanations prepared by Google:

  1. You can change how cookies are used by your browser, and you can block or delete them. To do this, change your browser settings. Most browsers offer the option of accepting or rejecting all cookies, accepting only certain types of cookies, or informing you each time a website tries to save them. You can also easily delete cookies that have already been stored on your device. The management of cookies depends on the browser used. You can find out how to do this for a specific browser by clicking on «help» in the browser menu. There you will learn how to control and delete cookies step by step.
  2. Lack of consent, deletion, blocking or limiting the placement of cookies may cause difficulties or even prevent the use of the Website or Electronic Services.

In case of any questions, doubts or comments regarding the information contained in this Policy or other issues related to the Processing of Users’ Personal Data by the Administrator, including for the purpose of exercising the rights referred to in the Policy, please contact us at the following e-mail address: